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Greetings to all fans of this hobby and also for those who just want to take the first steps in this exciting hobby, as well as those who are just looking for possibilities to flying.The article want to dedicate this to all those who still do not know anything about this hobby, or want to start to deal recently. Although from the outside this looks like the thrill of playing with toys, but it's really is a difficult technical sport that includes all the latest technologies, develop creative thinking skills to work with different materials and devices. And, as any technical sport, it really is dangerous enough as a pilot himself, as well as others. Wrong to imagine that a couple of hundred grams heavy foam model nobody can not hurt anything. Inexperienced pilot's hands, who has not mastered piloting skill, it can cause harm to others. Yes, such aircraft is able to knock out the window, then just as easily it can cause serious injury to you next to the existing ones.Therefore, the very first, before bringing the air its first model - certainly master the skills of piloting and flight simulators perform in the open air, far from the village, in the vicinity of buildings, electrical transmission and other communications. The detailed provisions are described in the EN legislation, you can read them here ... And remember if you do not know rules , it's not makes you free of responsobility.

As technology evolves, modeling in recent years has won two radically different directions.
1 st direction. Modeling essentially older than the real aircraft, because the first tests whether a man can fly, began with the model. 70s appeared the first model aircraft remote management capabilities, all these models are flying direct sight. (These models are not remote-controlled drones) to pilot them under control, the model is usually not more than ~ 200m from the pilot as a model while below, the pilot lost the ability to correctly identify model orientation for effective control. Mostly direct field of vision is a 50-150 m. If the model is released from this area, it is the pilot losing control of the spot near the falls, although management communications are preserved. This trend in the model aircraft placed on the demands of the pilot very good piloting skills, without which it is virtually impossible to model the air to hold more than a few ten seconds.Insights direct vision flights in one of our events: VIDEO

2 nd direction affects more new technologies and less modelism own, it affects more programming robottronic, the electronics industry - they are the ones called "drones" These models are powerful controllers (PC) led by themselves are able to fly, to fly missions to return home and other functions ... But in any electronics may be damaged, or it may be improperly adjusted, in such situations, "Drone" is uncontrollably .These models in the hands of a novice is very dangerous. If the new enthusiast starts this direction without basic steps first (piloting skill immediate visibility without electronic stabilization aid), does not verify the model or pilot is reckless. Model can become uncontrollable and cause serious incidents, are at this moment very much established in the community and raises serious concerns. Equally dangerous is the FPV model - the flight of the first pilot's view - a model equipped with a camera and the pilot conducted, looking at the ground monitor. Incorrectly selected flying site, wrong use of frequencies and power cause great damage to small and large aviation. No one has to explain what happens to the aircraft when it clashes with a bird in the air, Dron, or FPV is even more dangerous because they do not seek to avoid the collision, they are blind to fly their routes. The first steps in secure FPV read here ...Best piloting skills and take the first steps in the management of an experienced pilot, you are welcome get in contact with our clubs members: Kuldīgas Aviation Sports Club  or RC pilots 'club' 'Vertical Limit'. we will help you ASAP if it will be possible. Direct flights vision we have specially arranged places according to the current laws.Be prudent by taking its first steps in this exciting, interesting hobby, do not induce incidents for your sake do not suffer pilots who have this hobby engaged for decades in EN legislation is a new rulemaking process, the easiest of all to prohibit and reckless, reckless "Droṇa "piloting of this hobby can end all, because the public is not aware of and do not see the difference between these two lidmodelisma directions. We hope that the development of new rules and restrictions, they will not make it impossible for this hobby, thus preventing the part of young people to think creatively and to practice, not degrade at smartphones. The advent of the wide trade "Droṇa" number of elections have crawled with them for many, as it is but as it flies the same - remember, it is not a coin of.It is for this reason Unlimited RC nepeidāvā multirotorus, drones its customers - at least for now!We offer a concept: the beginning: learn, produce, evaluate, then LIDO and Rejoice!No shortage of negative examples - here are some examples in which 98% of cases are irresponsible and inept piloting fly consequences ...VIDEO


article prepeared by Kuldigas Aviation sports club.

Photo of October 2015 RC briefing Cīravas aerodrome - lidmodelistiem with '' large '' is based on models with internal combustion engines.

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