SMOKEFLY(Rockets and color smoke)

SmokeFly is a young italian company. It produces smoke cartridges for RC model aircrafts, such as aiplanes, gliders, helicopters, and cars.

These products are able to make colored smoke in the sky. We have colors in stock

 red, and green. There exists differents types of smokes, depending on the smoke time and smoke intensity.

For this moment we have 3rd type- biggest smoke cartridges. It work 2 min.

The smokes are very easy to use. An igniter is included and it is enough to put voltage to start smoking.

Since the smoke cartridge is ready, it is enough to apply voltage on the air. For that purpose we need something that can be radio-controlled. We developped this special SmokeFly Switch. It works as a servo, turning the output on on or off (with a threshold).

To start smoking, it is enough to apply voltage on these two cables (between 3 and 12 volts).



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