Smoking ignition for RC planes (SI901)(Rockets and color smoke)

 It can be used for wireless spark for the fireworks and firecrackers, colorful smoke on the RC models (plane, car and boat). Through the specified channel to control the current output and arouse the hot fire head to set fire to gunpowder.2. It is very easy to use and efficient, it is unnecessary to buy the ignition power source and power switch. In the foundation of the old ignition, it has these two the function: it can be ignited for the second circulation and can be cut power source automatically after 2 sec ignition
3. It has LED light to show the working status, and also a light on the receiver plug to show the receiver is in good operation. The light on the ignition is on shows that both the power source and ignition are in good operation. If the light is off, it shows the ignition is not working in the safe status.
4. Our suggestion is that it had better compatible with the at least 5-channel radio with the power switch. When turn on the radio for the first time, the NO. 1 light is on to ignite, the radio is off after two seconds. When turn on the radio for the second time, the NO. 2 light is on to ignite, the radio is also off after two seconds automatically. Just like this circulation, it can be ignited for two times. If you would like to ignite at the same time, you only need to multiple several heating wires to one of the ignition plug.
5. The second Generation Ignition can ignite your plane for several times when the plane is flying. It is much more enjoyable. At the same time, it has the function of that the power source can be off automatically after 2 seconds successful ignition.
6. The rate of the successful ignition is more than 99.9%, if you can’t make the ignition successfully, you can check whether the hot fire head is in good operation, whether the touch of the heating wire is good , whether the hot fire head is in tight connection with the fuse of gunpowder, you should check carefully to guarantee success. Prohibiting the voltage over 6.8 V or connect to the battery directly, that will make electric circuit disruption.


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