LED Flexible Strip waterproof -white (RC accessorys)

Working Voltage:  DC 12V ²  Power Consumption:  4.8W/ m ²  Brightness:  180LM/ m ²  Lamp Bead Dimensions:  3.5mm * 2.8mm ²  Operating Current of Light strip (Max.):  0.4A/ m ²  Every 5cm place with a crop mark, the shortest length of usage is 5cm(or you can use this light strip with the length 10cm, 15cm, 20cm,25cm,30cm and so on) ²  On the back of the light strip, it comes with 3M double - sided adhesive, so no need other tools to be fixed, absolutely easy to use ²  60 bulbs per meter, and the width of the light strip is 8mm ²  The whole roll of light strip is 5 meters long, and if a purchase for 5 meters (that means 5pcs), we will send you the power cord and light strip reel for free as a gift ²  The light strip can be used on various items as you like, such as aircraft, helicopter, boats, cars and so on. ²  Pls Pay Attention: the item is water-proof, and it is not RGB Chassis plate


5/1m €


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