JET SEA HAWK(Assembled models)


The great SEA HAWK - EDF 120 has a robust and pneumatic retractable landing gear and - as a highlight on a very detailed cockpit. The prototypical design and the many details complete the total picture. 

The model is with an impeller (EDF) operated with a diameter of 120mm. The Hawk is only suitable for experienced pilots, because the top speed to be achieved requires experience in dealing with high-speed models. 
Thanks to the completely removable canopy, the battery can be implemented quickly change. The two-piece wing allows easy and comfortable transport.

Likewise, the SEA HAWK is perfect for a MINI turbine with 3.5kg thrust. By the incorporation of a turbine with corresponding tank, the dry weight can be reduced to 4.3kg! Due to the size of the jet and the weight of the system is achieved as a low wing loading and good-natured slow flying characteristics.A specially developed FINAL 'conversion set' on turbine operation with insertion pipe, tank, carbon frames and turbine support will be available shortly.

• String with original Oracover 
• Extremely light and rigid, laser cut wood construction 
• spring-loaded retractable landing gear 
• two-piece wing 
• removable canopy 
• prefabrication of 95%, covered and painted 

Wingspan approx .: 1600 mm 
Fuselage length: 1,700 mm 

Weight:7,0 - 7.5 kg

This model is completed but no engine

White               ( #21010)
-  Ferrari Red     ( #21023)
-  Blue                 (# 21050)
-  Light Grey       (# 21011)
-  Corsair blue   (# 21019)



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