Smoke pump -Miracle K-013(Planes)

Smoke Pump with Brushless Motor and ESC for RC Plane

item#: S-pump

² The smoke pump case is CNC processed 6061, anodized

² Two colors: red and blue (send out at random)

² Anti-fuel nylon with fiberglass filled gears

² Two high speed oil seals which made in Japan make sure the pump works stable, anti-wear and long life

² Brushless motor/ESC supply smooth transmission and avoid the possibility of spark. Make sure the pump works safely

² The weight of the whole set is 94g only

Recommended items (need to buy separately):

² Battery: 7.2V 6 cell NiMH, 7.4V 2S Li-Po, 6.6V 2 cell A123

² Fuel tank: 500-600cc


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55 €


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