Sbach 342 20cc Profile(Planes)

Radio 6 CH y 5 servos. Rcec. HD8307 TG Wing Spam 1655 mm Lenght 1568 mm Engine 20cc rec. RCGF 20cc Flying weight 3300 gr aprox

Many 3D pilots aspire to own a large scale 3D gasser and this superb quality Sbach 342 Profile offers the perfect introduction to big gassers, it is brilliantly capable, superbly made yet very nicely priced!

The excellent quality construction means ultra-light flying weight, perfect for even the most extreme 3D maneuvers, the other advanatage is that this Sbach only needs a 20cc engine, keeping costs low. Despite it's lightweight, this Sbach is designed to be robust, everything about it is nice quality, the alloy under-carriage is substantial, all control surfaces are mounted on round plastic hinges, the supplied control rods are all ball-linked/turnbuckle types for precision and ease of adjustment, and so on. There are some nice design features like the substantial alloy brackets used to secure the plug in wings, and the in-board access hatches on the under-side of the wing that allow you to neatly stow away your TX & Ignition batteries, etc out of sight.

It's easy to see why Gas 3D Profile models are developing a following, all the advantages and performance of a large gas 3D model, wrapped up in a cost effective package that is practical and fun, this great looking profile is a perfect introduction to the large 3D gasser experience!


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190 €


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