Extra 300 EPS F3P(Planes)

This is TechOne & AutoPartner’s cooperated indoor 3D plane. It comes with a lot of depron, carbon fiber and fiberglass parts. The model is super lightweight, weighs only 130-150 grams. The color scheme is very clear and easy to see in flight. Fun for indoor flying. Extra 300 F3P is a professional F3P model which is made of 3mm depron. It can finish all indoor 3D and F3P maneuvers greatly. Adopt lots of super light and high intensity carbon fiber materials to strengthen the whole planes. Most built in our factory, you’ll take less time to assemble.

Product Specifications

Fuselage Length: 920mm(36.2in.)
Wingspan: 830mm(32.7in.) 
Flying Weight: 130-150g (with  battery) 
Motor : AS2204  KV1700
ESC : 6-10Amp 
Propeller: 8043SF prop or 8040 HD prop
Servos: 4-6g micro servo *3pcs
Radio:4/more channel 
Battery: 7.4v 2S 250-450mAh  Li-po 25C


Shipping is availible to any European Union country!



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