Sebart S 30E Blue/red [011076](Planes)

The new Sebach 342 30e was designed by Italian aerobatic pilot, Sebastiano Silvestri. The design is based on the full-scale aerobatic competition airplane The Sebach 342 designed in Germany. This professional ARF kit is the result of Sebastiano's long research in 3D performance. This combined with an extremely lightweight structure, the all wood airframe, the big control surfaces give this model an impressive thrust-to-weight ratio and crisp control authority at any airspeed and flight conditions. Each aileron is controlled by an individual servo. Short, direct linkages make roll control precise, positive, dependable and easy to set up. Large control surfaces and full deflection throws enables to react quickly to 3D control inputs. Knife edge, high alpha, inverted, upright... these and any other extreme maneuvers you can think of are at your command with this exciting aerobat! The beautifully molded fiberglass cowl and wheel pants are expertly painted to match the trim scheme. From every angle this model is a stunner! Distinctively different factory applied trim schemes on the top and bottom make easy to follow the model orientation during aerobatic maneuvers.



Wing Span 132 cm
Lenght 134 cm
Wing area: 38dm2
Weight: 1.300gr. RTF whitout batteries
Radio: 4-Channel with
4 sub-micro servos

Recomm. power set up:
Motor: Hacker A30-10XL
Hacker Master Basic 55A ESC SB
Battery: Top-Fuel
Propeller: APC 15x8E



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250 €


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