Cessna 0-1 Bird Dog 10e-class [011070](Planes)

10e class is big enough to fly with great stability and handle well in higher winds, but still fit within small cars and limited budgets.

Battery access is through the front wind screen which is held in place with magnets and snaps off in seconds.

These Bird Dogs are as cute as they look and are perfect for buzzing around those warm summer nights.


Wingspan: 988 mm

Wing area: 15.0 dm2

Lenght: 796 mm

Flying weight: 680 - 720 g


Suggested configuration:

Servos: Hyperion HP-DS09-SCD (two aileron, one rudder, one elevator)

Motor: Hyperion Zs2213-18

Prop: 9x4.5 APC-E

ESC: Hyperion Atlas 25A LBEC

Lipo: Hyperion G3 1800-3S


Product code: 011070



65 €


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