Extra 330L EP GP(Planes)

Extra 330L EP GP from Jamara

Walter Extra - himself a multiple aerobatic master - designed this aerobatic plane in Germany. 
Extra's most powerful 330PS aerobatic plane is a very serious opponent in all aerobatics competitions. Reason enough for a replica that works just as well. The Extra 300L is fully aerobatic and controllable over all axes. Due to the high degree of prefabrication and the standard scope of delivery Jamara Extra 330L EP GP, you are ready for pure flight fun in a short time. 

Jamara Extra 330L EP GP: Recommended accessories:
Engine Xenon 3520 Art. 13 0034 
Servos 4 x Q7 Standard Art. 03 3215 
Propellers 13 x 6.5 Art. 34 0069 
Regulator Venom 60A Item no. 46 0105 
Spinner 45 mm Art. 17 1246
Battery LiPo 14.8 V 3200 mAh Art. 14 1274 

included Jamara Extra 330L EP GP:
- fuselage made of balsa wood (weight-optimized) 
- Wings of wood pre-covered in rib construction 
- gear with wheel pants 
- Instructions 

Technical data:
Wingspan about 1480 mm 
length about 1380 mm 
area about 48 square decimeter 
Geiwcht ca 1900 g (ready to fly) 
RC 4-channel / servos 



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