AS3X sport receiver 6 channel(Receivers and transmitters)

Bring the AR635 a whole new dimension of precision and stability in your flight. 
This advanced receiver for space flight combines a full-range DSMX receiver and the AS3X system in one compact unit. To take advantage of AS3X, you do not need a special interface or a special transmitter programming. The settings on the nature and strength of the stabilization you can easily make with the truncheons of your remote control and read the result by LED lights on the receiver. 
Of course, you can also turn off the AS3X - but bet that you do not want it?


Combines the security of DSM2 / DSMX with the stability of AS3X  Designed for park and sport aviation to 6 channels Compatible with all Spektrum DSM2 / DSMX Transmitters  Adjustable sensitivity for aileron, elevator and rudder 

AS3X - agility and stability in perfect harmony

AS3X is a combination of advanced 3-axis sensors and an exclusive control software, which was developed by RC-flying experts. The system operates within the range of the receiver in the background, and holds the model precisely on course, without interfering with your controller or the agility of the aircraft. 

In a 3D plane, you have to control the AS3X control you need for crisp roll and pitch rates while you can run slow and knife-edge flight with increased precision and stability simultaneously.  

If you build your own models, you can AS3X help to create realistic looking and good flying models, without encountering too much priority and size problems. 

What kind of pilot you are, this spectrum receiver with integrated AS3X will encourage you more to fly and with more confidence. 


The AR635 receiver is not in airplanes with nitro, or gas turbine drive can be used. 
A ll telemetry functions except the Flight Log can be supported by the AR635 receiver.
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