DX6 transmitter SPMR6750 MODE2(Receivers and transmitters)


 This is SPMR6750

Three model types, voice alerts, 250-model memory, wireless trainer link, antenna diversity – you get it all with the DX6, and for a lot less than you might think. ANTENNA DIVERSITY

Using a combination of vertical and horizontal arrays, the antenna diversity provides superb protection against polarization blind spots, ensuring your receiver always "sees" the signal.


New housing in ergonomic design with rubber side panels 250 internal model memories Model memory compatible with DX9, DX18, and DX18QQ DX18t Direct access to the menu system, turn off the system not required Speech Wireless teacher / student system 5 Menu languages: EN, DE, FR, ITA, ESP Large backlit display AIRWARE for motor sailing and helicopter flight 4 Segelflugflächen- and 3 tail programs 7 Motorflugflächen- and 5 tail programs Double aileron function, elevon and V-tail differentiation 7-point throttle curve for engine airplane and helicopter 7-point pitch curve for helicopters Intuitive programming with Simple Scroll DSMX protocol (compatible with DSM2 receivers SD card interface for updates, model memory expansion and data exchange Precise stick units with four ball bearings 4AA Alkaline Batteries Optional LiPo receiver battery with charger Binding process activated via the menu or a switch without the system off Fashion 1-4 adjustable without opening the housing Advanced AIRWARE for engine and helicopter flight Soaring Software Multilingualism Ergonomic Design
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6-channel DSMX remote control 4AA Alkaline batteries User manual Adjusting Bind plug



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