AlwaysReady 800mAh AAA 1,2V (012221)(Battery Packs)

The Camelion AlwaysReady battery can keep its charge for longer than most rechargeable batteries on the market today - up to 12 months. Most rechargeable batteries lose about 20% of their charge in the first 30 days after charging. Now, after just 1 charge you can store your battery up to a year and use it anytime. No need to charge it up again. Just like a dry-cell battery!

Camelion Today's Ready to Use Battery

This ready to use battery not only holds its charge up to a year but can be used right away.
- Use out of the box
- Holds its charge up to a year
- Saves money by recharging
- No harmful chemicals like lead and cadmium
- Ultra high capacity NiMH 800mAh true minimum capacity means super long run time!
- Last up to twice as long as ordinary rechargeable batteries.
- Very High life curve. Can be recharged from upto 500 .

Battery Type : AAA
Battery Chemistry : NiMH ( Ready to Use)
Battery Capacity : 800mAh

2pcs in set

Camelion Batterien GmbH


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