How to Charge LiPo batterias?(Battery Packs)

Charging & Care
Rechargeable lithium batteries may only be charged and maintained on a fireproof base with a suitable balancer charger. Please pay particular attention to the respective operating instructions for the charger. The correct polarity must always be observed when connecting the balancer and charging cables. Basically all processes on the charger have to be done with connected balancer cable. Lithium-ion polymer batteries (LiPo) must never be charged above 4.2 V per cell or discharged below 3.2 V per cell. The maximum charging rate is 2C (example: capacity 1 Ah x charging current 2 A = 2C). It is generally recommended to use a suitable fire extinguisher when dealing with lithium batteries. Infiltrated lithium batteries or those with recognizable damage must not be used.