Hyperion Atlas DS11-AMB, 10,5g(Servo motors)

This is the Hyperion Atlas DS 11 AMB Micro Digital Programmable Servo. Hyperion Atlas Digital, Programmable Servos are among the finest servos in the world. They are made strictly to Hyperion specifications at one of the foremost electronics companies in South Korea. The gears - a key element in any quality servo - are made to exceedingly fine specifications. The CarbonPoly type, using a mix of long-polymer plastics and carbon fiber, more than double the sheer strength and wear compared to normal plastic gears. The metal gears used in Atlas servos are extremely tough and - because they are produced with very tight specifications - are also quiet, smooth, low-lash, and long-wearing.

In terms of centering accuracy, consistency, and ability to deliver rated torque regardless of temperatures encountered, Atlas servo testers worldwide have favorably compared the Atlas to the finest offerings from top Japanese servo producers.

Of course, the Hyperion Atlas have some rather large advantages compared to other Digital Servos on the market. They are fully programmable for a wide variety of settings, using an inexpensive USB adapter cable. And - considering the huge investment in precision molds and highest quality components Hyperion has made - they are very attractively priced. You may find cheaper Digital Servos, but you won't find a higher value.


Speed: 0.18 sec/deg @ 4.8V; 0.15 sec/deg @ 6V

Dynamic Torque: 2.1Kg/cm @ 4.8V; 2,5Kg/cm @ 6V

Holding Torque: 4.2Kg/cm @ 4.8V; 5.0Kg/cm @ 6V

Gears: Light Metal

Weight: 10.5g

Dimensions: 23.5 x 11.5 x 21mm (0.93 x 0.45" x .83")

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