Hyperion Z4020 - 14 [012023](Engines)

The Z4020 series are the lightest, most powerful solution available today for conversion of glow 30-class to 46-class class models, and Electric models such as the Hyperion EXTRA 260 40e Electric 3D. The Z4020 Series are most appropriate for models in the weight range of 1.7 to 4.0Kg depending on the model type. The Z4020-series share the principal design elements of the larger Z40 motors; high-power magnets, rounded on both bell and stator sides. The result is that contact area with the bell is complete, and this has two benefits: First, heat transfer is maximized, so the magnets are much less subject to damage from overheating. Second, the full contact with the bell on one side, and matching curvature to the stator on the other, means that the magnetic flux lines are complete and optimally shaped; this means higher efficiency, lower incidence of motor stalling, and smoother starts. The net of it is that the Z4020 is a power house that will stand up to the beating of today's often demanding flying style of 3D and high-powered precision flying.


Max Efficient Current: 35 ~ 50A

Max Peak 30 Sec: 62A

Sugg. Power Range: 500W ~ 900W Avg (1100W short time)

Winding: 14T

Io (@8.4V): 1.96A

KV (rpm/V): 574

Resistance (ohm): 0.0176

Weight (gr): 284

Motor Diameter (mm): 48

Motor Length (mm): 36.5 (not including 6.5mm boss at rear)

Shaft Diameter: 6mm

Shaft Length: 30mm



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