Hyperion Z1705 - 14 [012019](Engines)

With the Z17 series motors Hyperion brings you the most capable, reliable motors in their weight class, and more peak power per gram than any competitor. We get more peak power by using the finest materials and intelligent design. For example, the magnets and coil wire are the best you can get, with temperature rating of 180C (compared to the typical 120C types). This means that you can push the motors harder than others when needed, without damage to the motors. We also use thinner stator plate material than some other brands, and that material is the best available from Japan. This results in a net performance increase of up to 5% over competitors. Finally, we selected a 5mm stator length for the smaller motor, and a 9mm length for the larger. This results is as much as 25% more torque and peak power (Z1705), but increases motor weight only 4%. All of these improvements cost extra money in production; yet we offer the motors at prices highly competitive to every rival. We can do this due to our worldwide network of Hyperion distributors, whose combined sales give us tremendous leverage with suppliers for high volume purchases. And so you become the winner, when you choose Hyperion Z17 motors!

Z17 series motors come with the full hardware and mounting package as seen in pictures above and left.

The motors use a prop-saver mounting system to help prevent prop breakage on ground strikes. The stepped end of the motor can accept GWS propellers and various APC, and an aluminum adapter is also included for APC SlowFly propellers. Almost every prop on the market will fit one of the positions. The included o-rings can be doubled up to safely retain props at higher power levels.

Both and aluminum and a fiberglass backplates are included. The fiberglass unit is particularly helpful when mounting to depron Shockflyer-type models, and can be directly glued to the depron using epoxy, and the aluminum unit is for mounting to wood firewalls using the supplied screws.



Stator Diameter (mm): 17.0 (9 poles)

Magnet Length (mm): 5.0 (12 magnets)

Weight: 17.5g

Outside Diameter (mm): 20.9

Motor Length (mm): 17.5

Mount Screw Diameter (mm): 2x M2.0, 12mm and 14mm spacing (14mm set used for backplate)

Max efficient Current: 4A

Max Continuous Current: 7A

LiPo cells typical "S": 1S to 3S

Resistance (Ohm): 330.51 mΩ 

Io A @ 8.4V: 0.57A

KV (rpm/V): 1800

Lipo: 1-3S



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