Hacker A50-16S [011059a](Engines)

The A50 series motors are designed for the very popular .46 to .90 size models. The A50-16S is designed for Sport, Scale, and 3D-Aerobatic models with 4-6 cell 5000mAh LiPoly batteries. This 14 pole, Outrunner design creates amazing torque, therefore larger direct drive props can be used without the need for a gearbox. This motor features Oversize bearings, Curved Neo-magnets, and a High Efficiency stator design. Additionally, you will find a Special Large Concentric bearing located in the rotor to support the rotating mass during extreme 3D-maneuvers. Prop adapter and mounting screws are included.


Peak Watts: 1250W

KV (rmp/V): 378

Diameter (mm): 48

Length (mm): 63

Weight (gr): 394

Shaft Diameter (mm): 6

Idle Current: 2A

Operating Current: 45A

Peak Current: 55A

Resistance (Ohm): 0.0260

Poles: 14

Orientation: Out



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95 €


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