Hyperion ZS 3009 20-Turn 1100Kv [013100](Engines)

Made of the finest materials

* Extreme efficiency and Power output

* Longest life

* Highest value

The new Hyperion Zs motor series cost more than "budget" brands, but provide much more value in the short run - and over the years. Simply put, everything inside and out is the very best obtainable. Japanese 0.2mm stator steel and NMB bearings, 200C magnets and coil wire (hand-wound), and precision all-CNC construction; All these lay the foundation on which two years of intensive design and testing have delivered the highest efficiency motors ever produced. And stringent ISO 9001 Quality Control - plus extra care such as magnet temperature batch testing - insure your maximum satisfaction, both present and future.


Weight (gr): 98.5

Winding: 20T

Resistance (Ohm): 0.033

IO (@10V): 0.92 A

KV (rmp/V): 1100

Typical Current: 18A~26A

Max Current: 34A

Max Power: 450 Watts



42 €


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