8th years celebrating -Unlimited RC

8th years celebrating -Unlimited RC

Everyone are welcome!

Young modellers or seniors or serious modeling sportists.
At our web-store will find everybody items you wish, only if you know what are you looking for!
Always kind manager will try to offer best, if it is possible! However, we very much appreciate both yours and our time, so if you need advice about products offered for sale, you'll normally receive it on e-mail writing or in his interest in reading for hobbiests forums such , etc.
But more than that can offer education, get yourself interested in information, to communicate, you meet yourself like-minded people you can, in the event of Modellers club like RC pilots' club '' Vertical Limit '' ( or KASK (www.avioclub .com)

Our internet store offer is more focused on the model aircrafst, but we are working closely with the German representative where the range of products is greater! From which goods can be delivered 4-5 working days . If you are interested in any product and you will find it  website, just call and asking about the price and possibilities.
Besides a wide variety of accessories and model aircraft and their accessories, Unlimited RC offers a range services.We are cooperating with munacipalities, companies and private persons aswell.


  • Modeling  seminars and staff training courses;
  • Modeling club establishment and Modelism-workshops offer activities;
  • Advice on RC modeling goods offer;
  • Video filming with RC aircraft, and video review of the establishment;
  • RC avio shows;
  • Model aircraft -AIR race - or kvadrocopters speed competitions;
  • kvadrocopter's establishing and repairing service;
  • Model aircraft exhibition organization;
  • Managerial skills training model aircraft.
  • Usually, most of the goods offered  already in our warehouse, so after the order for the next day you can go after the goods in advance of the arrival just call before (t. 29779594). Warehouse operative from Monday to Thursday! Friday- day off.
  • For safety reasons, please contact us or wait for until the manager will contact you to clarify you have chosen a product, receipt type and time!
  • We remind you that we do not have store we are online, so book your goods in advance online on our website, or by sending your chosen product from our website to e-mail: info@unlimited-rc.lvPreviously, please think whether you drive product after themselves (located in San Francisco), or you want to send the goods by post, with we can send by courier or pacomat ( or Autopasts for an additional charge (delivery starting from 5, -EUR)
  • You have several options to pay for the selected product:cash (came to our office by yourself- we are located in Marupe);
  • by banks transfer (after receiving Proforma Invoice);
  • PayPal transfers for purchases over 50, -EUR (for PayPal deducts a commission fee, which will not take from you, unless the purchase amount to 50 euro, so smaller amounts with PAYPAL -unfortunatly, do not accept!)