NEW servo from HD Power in STOCK

NEW servo from HD Power in STOCK

You can buy it and receive already NOW:

Analogue servos:

HD-1440A - 0.8kg/0.10sec -  weight 4.4g

HD-1550A - 1.10kg/0.10sec - weight 5.5g

HD-1800A - 1.30kg/0.08sec -  weight 8,0g

HD-1900A - 1.50kg/0.08sec -  weight 9g 


HD-1900MG - 1.50kg/0.08sec with copper gears -weight 14g  

DIGITAL servo:

DSM44 with mini (not micro) connector - 1.60kg/0.07sec - 

D65HB - 1.50kg/0.07sec -  


Customers from childrens modeler schools and from RC club ''Vertical limit'' (, if buy more then 2.pcs. servo - DISCOUNT 10%