NEW YEAR 2016 Indoor Flight Event

NEW YEAR 2016 Indoor Flight Event

Review about Flight event 2016 YEAR
Flight event was  organized in collaboration with Unlimited RC RC pilots' club '' Vertical Limit '' took place in a friendly atmosphere - January 9, 2016.g, Kekavas sports center!

RC pilots from all over Latvia came to show made planes and flying possibilities in music and Karina's comments!
The first flight with the speed drones took a little longer time than was expected, but the result - Good, because we know that the system is working and the interest in '' fly '' the speed is large enough!
Also, the number of participants Indoor race certainly exceed one tenth (from Latvian), therefore, conclude by inviting like-minded persons from neighboring countries, the number of participants could be a sufficient measure ambitious! (Dear Sponsors and municipalities - Welcome to take part with the support!)
In turn, audiences were particularly visited, which indicates a growing interest about RCmodel aircraft in general!

PHOTO (from Unlimited RC)
VIDEO (provides RC pilots' club '' Vertical Limit '' member Kristaps Začests) and the photos
Particularly welcome was friends, and whose arrival great pleasure of the hobby groups and clubs:
BJIC Riga - Riga New Equipment Centre - ( (instructor - modeler Askolds Bušmanis with yang RC pilot - Ronalds)
Sigulda BJIC '' Alfreda lidmodelistu skola '' (teacher and modeler- Alfred Dubaņēvičs with student Dairis Irbe)
Kekava secondary modeling school  (the teacher and modeler Zandis Līdaks with pupils Artis and Renars)
 Olaine sports center modeling school (the teacher and RC pilot and modeler Andrew Shebins with student)
Jēkabpils BJIC modeling school (instructor Vitaly Lavrinovics with pupils)
RC pilots 'club' 'Vertical Limit' ( -modeler - Aigars Stankēvičs
 Kuldiga Aviation Sports Club - this time  -only viewer Agris Luzers!
From Anne Street 2 modeling school - was represented by Oscar Raudiņš and Maris Brakovskis with multicopters and participated as the first test pilots with their '' drones', which also won the consolation prizes from Unlimited RC.The same - take part - Ilmars Breidaks and Lauris Pumpurs.
Thank Andis RC club '' Vertical Limit 'and Unlimited RC = time for system installation and the first test flight!
Indoor model aircraft demonstrations went Unlimited RC test pilot Dairis Irbe (Sigulda) and Andris Sebins -Rc pilot and Olaine modeling school teacher.
Thank Kekavas Sports Centre and Kekava's municipality, for support - to get free sports hall for this event.