Best offer on WINTER

Best offer on WINTER

Small parts set for Depron model aircraft
The purpose of the pulley bracket is to change the angle of the thread linkage, e.g. for actuating the ailerons of monoplanes or biplanes using a single aileron servo, or to divert the linkage away from the propeller in the case of models with mid-mounted motors.
The set contains injection-moulded parts made of tough ABS materi-al, control surface hornswith quick-action clamp for linkage thread, horn extensions for even more precise control surface linkages, and easily installed control surface hinges for optimum positioning of the pivot axis.
Thread tensioner for tautening thread linkages quickly and easily.
Supplied complete with 5 m of linkage thread, rubber grommets and motor retaining screws.
Motor mount with variable downthrust and sidethrust, wheels, vari-able-angle wheel axles, wheel spat fixings, tailwheel with mounting.
CFRP brace connecting piece for efficient load distribution between fuselage and wings.
The injection-moulded parts are extremely versatile. 
This eliminates the tedious and imprecise method of attaching control surfaces using adhesive tape.
The injection-moulded parts set is designed for minimum weight combined with maximum strength and precision. In conjunction with the injection-moulded brace connecting piece and CFRP rod braces the fuselage and wing can be assembled using lightweight methods resulting in an air-frame with high bending strength.
The tailwheel is very simple and quick to install.

  Price - Only 15 EUR

Second offer - little bit simply , but not worse. 

Price - 5,- EUR

You can order for this set - M5T glue