Avioshow flight on SATURDAY in Broceni

Avioshow flight on SATURDAY in Broceni

This saturday on August 15th, 2015, you have possibility to watch Unique  Mikro Avio show-flight in Broceni.

Just like in Kuldigas city fiest, it will be Micro Avio Show Start: from 15:00 o'clock

You can get there like shown in map here

Flight show programm:

1.Flying witch and cat.

2. Light planes with colored tales...

3. Multirotor modells.

4. Big F5J gliders.

5. Small JETS and quick wings.

6. Angree Birds.

7. Water. Earth. Air.

8.Sbach 300 - Juris Zarins.

9. Pitts Pithon -Agris Luzers

10. Sbach 342 - Uldis Kleinbergs

11. We'll fly...all models flying..


From 16:00 o clock can fly with RC models everybody who wish!

 Unlimited RC piklot Juris Zarins -model- Extreme Flight Extra 300 

Flying witch and cat - RC pilot - Uldis Kleinbergs from Kuldiga's aviation sport club.


Programm and more photos from previous RC flyght event read  and watch more in web


On photo: All modellers with families and friends before procession in city Kuldiga, 2015, July 18th