RC flying event on ''Little Hawks''

RC flying event on ''Little Hawks''

07.04.2015 were RC flying event on temporary airfield "Little Hawks" (Mazie Vanagi), which is located a few kilometers from Ķekava. Flying started as early as 10:00. It was really hot summer day and  many Modelers and spectators gathered in one place ... And of course flew themselves members of the RC pilots club "Vertical Limit" and their friends from different cities. The youngest RC pilot Ronald from Riga (9.years old) managed to even try limbo elements departing drawn under the tape barrier.
As well as placed on a high-powered helicopters, and also a self made aircrafst, but friends and relatives watched and enjoyed the stunning flight performances with music.
 children happy called "Big Toys flies ...." !!!

PHOTO of the event, watch here  

and here (Thanks to Kuldigas aviations sports club -

  see our YouTube channel  video here

Many thanks to all who listened, participated!
As well as some great pleasure to meet for a potential new club members Kristaps and Kaspars!

you can find temporary Rc airfield in google map here

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For you knowledge you can read regulations issued by the Cabinet here