Flight training in all weather conditions

Flight training in all weather conditions

JURIS ZARINS member of the board of RC club "Vertical Limit" through wet snow  went to Cīravas airfield, where there was an appointment with Kuldigas aviation sports club members Uldis Kleinberg. Weather conditions with strong winds today at the start, but the fact that the sun is shining at the airfield was so joufull and it was enough. Meeting themat - trial flight in tandem with the big petrol models from KRILL-AIRCRAFTS. Both pilots had grown try different shapes, which had already drawn up a complex past. Onsite was also attended by Uģis Geide and Viesturs Ārenieks. All day intensive training flights were made. Which occasionally persecuted various troubles, Ugis led Currarei burst silicone tube broke, Juris denied smoke control valve, Uldis directional wheel chair appeared in play. This time the equipment did not want to be friends with pilots because the propellers were removed almost all that he is carrying a model aircraft. But it's O.K. ANYWAY, pilots are training again full of inspiration to continue another day and definitely create a tandem set of air.

We say thank Unlimited RC representatives Juris Zarins and Karina Zarina on visits to Kurzeme.

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Unlimited RC team are thankfull for always friendly attitude and welcoming to Kuldigas aviation sports club and Uldis Kleinbers privatly!

More pictures from beautifull day at Ciravas airfield here