ORACOVER at our web store

ORACOVER at our web store

Soon we'll have different colors of Oracover covers for will be self-adhesive and iron-in covers.


Models made of Styrofoam / Depron are coated with ORACOVER® FOAM ADHESIVE, in the areas to be covered. Before coating make sure the surface is as smooth as possible, as any faults or roughness will show later on. For coating we recommend using a brush made of artificial fibres, to prevent the brush soaking up water from the adhesive and the adhesive forming little lumps when drying. Let dry thoroughly before covering. 
Following, iron or stick ORACOVER / ORASTICK. 

Use a test piece of foam to get the feel of the material. 
If reworking with the iron is necessary make sure the iron temperature does not exceed 95°C as more heat may cause damage to the foam surface. 

Due to heating to approx. 80°C you can remove the film without damaging the surface (for repairing purposes).