VIDEO from Germany, Nurnberg ToyFair 2015

VIDEO from Germany, Nurnberg ToyFair 2015

The exhibition discovered some new products for us, but mostly RC Modelling operates a small number of '' Grand '' of the company, with a most of them are also working!

Very fashionable and popular today are quadrocopters, multicopters and other flying 'machines', which also performs the function of the filming.
The size and power are varied: from the hand donning toy models had up to a very large and expensive, '' for advanced '', filled with a variety of modern technological innovation ....

There were also RC car market is wide and varied, off-road cars, drift cars, big, small, cheap and expensive ....... even the original prototypes of real car companies ....
Sports modeling represented in the exhibition very little. However, this season we will offer our customers a new brand of internal combustion engines - GP engine or GREAT POWER MODEL ENGINE.
These engines producing in Taiwan, according to the best traditions modelism engineered and manufactured as creators are father and son, both modellers, championship players, prize winners, as well as technical and knowledgeable people, as can be judged by the personal meetings and negotiations with the owners.
Who are interested in - log in now. Procurement scheduled to be 61cc, 88cc and 123cc, but the 176cc is offered, what if someone really serious desire .....

Please write me an e-mail: which size of engines you are interested:

VIDEO  for your attention, please!