Official modeling's airfield in Balozhi

Official modeling's airfield in Balozhi

Unlimited RC, represented by the company SIA '' AZ Technologies '' &Association ''Tehniskaid Jaunrades Centrs'''( 'Technical Creativity Cen submitted a proposal ĶEKAVAS Parish Council on the establishment of a specialized model aircraft aerodrome.
As of today, we declare that our proposal has been heard!
The perspective of the land area are known and three meetings of the committee unanimously approved the project '' ON ''!

In the near future the project awaits approval Kekavas council session at which designed the first project works!

The new RC airfield provides for the establishment of the technical center with administrative buildings, and the model stands, facilities, communications, quality of access roads, parking etc.There  will be able not only to use the same convenient and secure airfields, but also is proud to welcome guests from abroad and hold competitions at the global level!
Any positive support to help us, friends! Thumbs up to succeed ..... and soon will be able to safely placed on the models of the authorized area without disturbing anyone and like-minded company!
P.S. Photo is only theoretically visualized aerodrome image taken from Internet resources. True of pigeons planes TECHNICAL CENTER publish approval of the projects!