Rest in peace

Rest in peace

 we try to translate comments from people in interenet, after receiving this information:

....Exceptionally talented man who had found and realized his true calling in the world. Like Peer Gynt from Ibsen's story, no gentelmen could resist his charming and a specialy noone lady. When it was award night of  the Artist Award, met two brilliant directors, one on the scene, the other in reality. Thanks Ginta organizer talent and ardor in the borders in all of us Riga Festival for several years we were able to watch the thrilling sport aviation show. Now  we all will miss it! Sympathy for the family....

Unfortunatly Gints didnt survive.It is very hard moment to Gint's family.

Here is account number where you can send supporting money to his family:

Ieva Bubiere LV60HABA05510006361

More info about tragedy read here:


VIDEO about Gints Bubiers (1966 - 2014)