Indoor models season is TOP choice

Indoor models season is TOP choice

We are testing NEW indoore model

VIDEO here

The Vanth is the totally new freestyle and aeromusical plane designed by Filippo Materazzi, F3P, Aeromusical and F6A Italian Champion. After the great success of the Metis, the Vanth try to be even better. It is thought and designed to be the most extreme indoor plane on the market. Thanks to its innovative wings, stabs and control surfaces, it can realize incredible fast maneuvers with the minimum strain, so you can use the same small servos than Metis! Even if it has very good performances in all the new 3D maneuvers, it is also very easy to fly and very slow. The depron is milled to decrease weight but paying attention to maintain a very strong structure. So it is 10 grams lighter than Metis and, saving weight, it is the perfect machine for VPP (Variable Pitch Propeller) system too. If you need the best performances in flight and you want to learn the newest 3D maneuvers or maybe to invent something new by yourself, the Vanth can be your first choice!

BEST choice for Beautiful present!

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Price for all KIT set with engine, servo, propellers  only 98,-EUR