HAWK wooden propellers ...

HAWK wooden propellers ...


Are you ready for this year flying season? Be in time and buy good quality wooden propellers for your model!

You can see price list here:

              shop price              EUR

Hawk 16x8  9,96
Hawk 16x10  11,50
Hawk 17x8  11,80
Hawk 17X10  12,00
Hawk 18x8  12,30
Hawk 18x10 13,00
Hawk19x6  17,00
Hawk 19x8  17,50
Hawk 19x10  18,00
Hawk 20x8  18,50
Hawk 20x10  20,00
Hawk 22x10 24,00
Hawk  23x8  27,00
Hawk 23x10  27,00

European shipping costs - the best. Dealers are welcome to cooperate, too!Best offer at all!!!

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