Mintor motori engines are availible NOW!!

Mintor motori engines are availible NOW!!

It has always been Mintors firm belief that anyone who dedicates his time and resources for model aircraft should be able to purchase high quality reliable products. Following this inspiration our products are designed and manufactured with the main purpose of quality and reliability in mind.

Mintor motori is the only firm all over the world to design, produce and assemble all the mechanical components of the engine in our premises in Italy. We are considered the Ferrari of model airplane engines. Each engine is hand built and assembled to exact tolerance each and every time. We do not use assemble lines. This assures the modeler the best in quality from every engine.

Mintor's research allows us to build engines for maximum structural stiffness and weight reduction. We use only the best alloys and none of the parts or components are made from fusion type products.

This technique is surely more expensive than any other manufacturing procedure. Mintor use the most sophisticated CNC machines in the industry. This allows to manufacture all components and maintain the highest levels of quality each and every time.

Anyone who chooses a Mintor engine owns a product made with attention to detail and meticulousness that cannot be found any where else. Above all you will always have competent, supportive, motivated people to serve your needs.

Unlimited RC are happy to offer our clients MINTOR motori - high quality product for modelists who knows what they want!