MX2 EPO -model RTF is availible NOW!

MX2 EPO -model RTF is availible NOW!

An EPO 1.4m 3D head-turning machine; this large scale model will surely draw a crowd at any club and demand full respect amongst 3D pilots the world over.

The distinctive and scale scheme is ideal for orientation. The MX2 is large for an EPO model and it looks nearly twice the size once its in the air. Its a blast to fly and is very 3D capable!

The powerful, pre-installed 36-48 motor spinning that large & scale 3 blade prop gives plenty of thrust for the wildest of maneouvers, and the pre-installed servos are certainly up to the job. Generous size control surfaces combined with light weight ensure this is a true performer as well as a head turner. Practical as well as easy on the eye, the wings are detachable for easy transportation, a large canopy ensures easy access to Lipoly tray, wing bolts and so on.
Wingspan: 1400mm
Length: 1290mm
Flying Weight: 1900g
Wing Loading: 50g/dm2
Motor: 36-48 Brushless Outrunner
ESC: 45A w/BEC
Servo: 2 x 9g, 2 x 17g
4 Channel
All Hardware
Instruction Booklet
Your Own 4~6 Channel TX/RX
2200mAh 4s Lipoly Battery

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