Mercury Adhesives from USA

Mercury Adhesives from USA

Unlimited Replacement Guarantee 
Quality products do not need finite warranties or expiration dates. As a professional company Mercury will stand behind their products no mater what the date is or when the product was purchased. The Mercury warranty  is simple.... Unconditional, and when we say unconditional we mean it! No time frames, no hoop jumping just unconditional.

You can buy Mercury Adhesives from us anytime

UNLIMITED RC prepeared for our customers:

Modelists Adhesives set:

In Unlimited RC original wooden box included: 2 kind of cyanoacrylate glue (M5T & M300M), 2 kind glue for foam (M100F & M1000F) or one glue for foam and one rubber-toughened cyanoacrylate (M3500FL), + 2kind threadlocks (JAMARA), + Debonder +Accelerator+ one adhesives aplicator for delicate work.

Modelists Adhesives set price: 49,95 EUR (if you'll buy all this sepearte it'll cost 57,45 EUR)