A Time of changes

A Time of changes

Greetings to all, friends, well-wishers, both existing and future customers!
Now is a time of change and if we want to stay together, then adapt!
As said latvian poet -Rainis' survive those, who take changes' '!
Quite seriously it must also be acknowledged that communication with the customer at the  store has become an '' extra or special ''. That's time is passed, when we were able to devote to each client personal attention, talk to customers in the spirit of the slow, slow and laugh more about life, about how we're doing, as friends, family, for its work and mischief ......
Unfortunately everyday every second it has been repaid with the income profit. Maybe it's sound cruel, but those who have your own business in Latvia, will understand me.
So I friendly invite buyers patient and strictly understand and divide two things about taking decision:


If we want to : meet friends, comunicate, look at other models, showing with yours own models, talk about life etc... or simply drink beer together, then we go to RC modeling meetings, stag parties, events, shows, or even a race and competitions!
modeling items purchasing a product, like most global trading companies, we can offer:
1) drawing up their own place an order directly on our website-the range of products offered;
2) or by e-mail: if there are questions or concerns, or would like to clarify the existence of a stock of goods for today;
3) already think of how you want to receive it - with delivery to your exact address indicated, which will be a paid service (depending on the product weight, volume and addresses)
or you can come after themselves to our office, but only one day a week - Thursday of. That's Thursday has been chosen as the delivery of goods the day when I will waiting for a call from customers before they came to office after ordered items on Marupe, Gaujas Street 30th
4) Also, the phone number for communication only about product, it is now: +371 22339982

Karina from Unlimited RC

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