Society has established '' a small aviation development and modeling club '' Unlimited RC ''
Now anyone interested who really care about the development of the Latvian modeling and small aviation
who wants to take an active part on society and / or small aviation development by investing their resources, their energy and time -
Welcome to participate!
All inquiries and applications by e-mail:
Society's main goals are to:


  • RC modeling sport's and small aviation Latvian team establishment of a technical sport and its development on a global scale;

  • Dedicated airfield creation for modeling RC and unmanned aerial vehicle driving on small aircraft area;

  • Children and youth education in the technical sports related to aviation and modeling;
  • Different class sports modeling competition for adults Latvian and international level;
  • Different class sports competition for children and students of Latvian and international level; 
  • Modeling RC promotion of adults, children and students as a hobby and free time useful way of spending.