Unlimited RC modeling avioshow

Unlimited RC modeling avioshow

Thanks organizators for invitation from Unlimited RC team!

one day before event we load first 5 RC models In bus...


after fiew hours we were in Birzhi and try to install tent...

on the same day first model testing and review

banners instalation works ...

on the same evening - prepearing and airfield testing...

Thanks to beautifull hotel ''Luize'' near river Daugava for excelent service and relaxation before airshow

Karina Zarina - modeling airshow manager and comentator

Event day was so sunny and nice, all pilots were absolutely ready and prepeared for airshow

interesents were all the time near Unlimited RC tent...we are always Happy for NEW interesents...

Unlimited RC team with rallycross leader Reinis Nitish

Juris Zarins (Unlimited RC) and Agris Luzers (Kuldigas aviation sports club) and Dairis Irbe (Unlimited RC test pilot)

Askolds Bushmanis - pilot, modeller and teacher on Rigas technics center are involved in Unlimited RC team today!

Thank you, Askold, for coming and supporting!

pilots befor airshow

finalist before end ceremony



More pictures here

more info about event please find